Team Shipping - Services


Based in Dubai, Team Shipping company operates a fleet of young marine support vessels in the Middle-East and Indian Ocean.  We take great pride in being the leading regional company in shallow water operations.  We consider our shallow draft multipurpose fleet coupled with the highest standard of safety and technology a primary choice for accommodating near shore projects where draft restrictions limit the activities of standard design vessels.  We are dedicated in providing a high level of quality to our customers who call upon our equipment and personnel. Our clients must rest assured Team shipping is dedicated to achieving a level of service level second to none.

Ship Management

As part of our activities in Team Shipping Company L.L.C. we also undertake to manage vessels on behalf of the owners who are not present in the Middle-East region. Our management services include the followings:

  • Purchase / sales procedures and all issues related to change of the ownership.
  • Crewing.
  • Vessel's Registration and Flag State certificates.
  • Insurance and P&I.
  • Dry docking.
  • Ship maintenance and repairs.
  • Supply of provisions and stores.
  • Port operations.
  • Accounts and Cash Flow Management.
  • Technical support.
  • Marketing.
  • Legal assistance.
  • Biddings, preparation and signature of the contracts.
  • Major modification works (consultancy, supervision & inspection).


Ship Brokerage

Team Shipping Company L.L.C. has developed and maintains a good relationship with the key industrial players in the Gulf. Through our extensive network of vessel owners and operators, we can source the right types of marine equipment and negotiate short or long term contracts on behalf of both owners and charterers.

Ship agency services

TSC provides ship owners with complete agency solutions in Dubai Ports which include:

  • Vessel's IN/OUT clearances.
  • Immigration clearances.
  • Berthing facilities in Port Rashid - Dubai.
  • Leaving / Joining crew.
  • Medical assistance.
  • Crew or passenger transportation.
  • Air tickets and hotel arrangements.
  • Ship chandling.
  • Supply of Fresh water and other consumables on board.
  • Arrangement of hotwork and de-ratification certificates.
  • Preparation of manifests.
  • Anchorage services.


Miscellaneous Services

Our various departments, which are fully qualified in day to day vessel operations, can assist and provide the owners based outside U.A.E. with the following services:

  • Technical assistance & repairs (engines, pumps, electrical motors, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, gear boxes and transmission units, wiring, alarm systems, piping and steel work, navigational equipment, communication systems, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, wood works and deck equipment repair).
  • Short term storage and warehousing facilities in Dubai.
  • Supply of spare parts.
  • Supply of provisions